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Don’t Call Me Crazy! Again

Chapter 1

Anika gapes out of her narrow window with her eyes stretched to her earlobes, looking through the morning dew in her small town called Saint Petersburg.  Her heightened nostrils saturate the aroma of rubicund roses. Her eyes are glued to the window as she visions her wedding day. Anika imagines herself covered with a flawless snow dress joined by a six-foot train that flows out into an overturned bouquet of ivory roses covering her shoes. Mosi’s inquisitive eyes question why Anika keeps speaking of David? Anika raised her wide-eyes to find Mosi observing her.

“You keep saying David. Where is David?” Mosi asked. “He almost stopped our marriage,” Anika said.

“Anika, are you ok?” Mosi questions Anika’s bizarre behavior. She did not want to relinquish her visions. Mosi paces back and forth. The sweat from his bare feet moistens his eggshell carpet covered with the feel of rabbit fur.

“He caused you to hit your head on the pool,” Anika responds as she gazes at Mosi.

“No, Anika, you caused me to hit my head on the pool because you wouldn’t give me the phone. Anika have you been taking your medication?” “Sometimes,” Anika responds. “What do you mean sometimes? You have to take your medicine every day,” Mosi said. “Sometimes I have to wake up early for work. I can’t always take my medicine,” Anika said. “Where is David, Anika?” Mosi asked. “Why are you asking me weird questions?” Anika asked. Mosi ambles closer to Anika and places his hand on the top of her shoulder.

“Baby you have to talk to me,” Mosi said. “Didn’t you confront

David?” Anika questions.

“No Anika. The phone kept ringing and I heard static that day. I

never heard David,” Mosi replied.

“Didn’t he almost stop our wedding?” Anika said. “Anika, we’re only engaged. We postponed our marriage until next year, remember?” Mosi said. “I need to call Mary. She will explain everything.” Mosi watches as Anika hastens over to the phone. He hits the floor with his eyes.

“Mary, Mosi’s acting weird. He doesn’t remember meeting David,” Anika said. “Yes, David; the one you’re cheating on Mosi with,” Mary said. “We were both seeing David at the same time. Remember David was stalking us?” Anika said as she begins to pace the floor. “Anika, I never meet David either. You said he was stalking us that day, but I never saw him. You need to take your meds,” Mary said. Just as Mosi expected, Anika was losing her mind again. Mosi anxiously dials Anika’s doctor. Anika signed papers to allow Mosi and her mother to know the details of her drug therapy. The doctor explained Anika had been delusional for months about David and her wedding day. He felt she was experiencing another relapse and needed to be brought into the emergency room. Mosi takes Anika by the hand.

“Anika I think I better take you to the hospital. Your doctor says David never existed, that you made him up,” Mosi said. Anika had a chin of iron determination to get to the bottom of the truth. “I didn’t make him up. You saw a Caucasian man outside that day. Then he broke in and choked me,” Anika said. “Yes, I saw a man outside that day, but he never broke in, Anika. That was all in your head. Let me take you to the hospital. You’re sick Anika;.. you need help,” Mosi said. “I’m not sick. I don’t need help.” Mary enters the door and trips over her 3-inch heels exposing the dirt, which outlined her feet pattern. Mosi gives Mary a look of disapproval and Mary puts her nose up in the air. She has a difficult time taking out Anika’s medication from the pocket of her skintight jeans. Anika sits on the couch and Mosi places his two legs on top of hers while Mary tries to feed her the Abilify. To Anika the pills tasted like fried acid. Mary attempts to force the pills down Anika’s throat with a glass of water and she causes Anika’s lip to bust. “I knew something was wrong with her. I should have known years ago. Hold her down harder; she might get away,” Mary said. “Anika you have to take your medicine,” Mosi said. Anika jerks her head back and forth trying to miss the pressured pills. Anika looks up at Mary and Mary appears to her as a devil. Anika believes that too much medicine will kill her. Neither Mosi nor Mary knows how much medicine to give her. She is determined not to allow them to give her an overdose. To Anika, her refusing to take her meds is completely logical. Mosi punches his right fist onto the couch and then picks her up into his chest and carries her to his car. Anika screams the whole time. He sits her in the car while Mary watches from the back seat. The neighbors look on enjoying the dramatic scene. Anika taps the car window. The tap then turns into a knock, the knock gets harder until Anika slams her hand through the glass window cutting her skin to the bone. Mosi frantically takes off his white wife beater and hands it to Mary to cover the wound all while Anika lets out a piercing cry. “Ms. Sultan leave me alone!”

“Baby my mother is not here,” Mosi said.

“I told you, you were too crazy for my son. Now look at this Mosi, she’s gone nuts again and you want to marry her?” She hears his mother asking. “What should we do?! She’s bleeding badly! I’m scared,” Mary said. Mosi’s eyes stay glued to the road; his mind does him justice and blocks Anika’s screams out. “Didn’t I tell you not to marry the girl? She’s already causing you stress. She’s not good enough for my son. You deserve someone like Mary. Why don’t you marry Mary?” Voices continue to enter Anika’s head, taunting her.

You should marry Mary. You should marry Mary.” Anika places her palms on the side of her head, hoping to squeeze out the voices. “You should marry Mary. You should marry Mary.”

“You passed the hospital!” Mary screams. “Mosi you passed the hospital!” Mosi backs his car up without a three-point turn. He then parks in front of the hospital. Mosi opens the door with his left hand and drapes Anika across his broad shoulders and carries her into the emergency room. “We need a doctor! We need a doctor!” Mosi screams. The nurse announces the grief and doctors hurry to the call. Anika struggles to stop the medication from touching her tongue. She fights for her sanity. The doctors warned her about another attack. One more attack and she may never be herself again. Was this it?