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Bob Bouchard makes vitamins that help people get off of harmful medications. I chose to interview him since I am also trying to get off of my medications.

Interviewee: Bob Bouchard

Interviewer: Swiyyah Woodard

Bob Bouchard works for

Please tell me about your company:

I have been manufacturing vitamins since 2016.

What motivated you to begin your company?:

Me and my family watched a documentary about society’s lack of nutrition. The generation of people in their 30’s is expected to not outlive the previous generation. I discussed with Jim Harper more effective solutions other than taking medications.

When did you first start developing your manufacturing company?

I started in 2015 developing vitamins without fillers or binders or flow agents. Large manufacturers use magnesium alternatives to make their ingredients because they are creating so many vitamins, but we do not. The magnesium alternatives are very costly and makes the machines go faster. Our ingredients are put into the capsules by hand. Large machines do 300 or more capsules at a time. There’s a need to want to see everybody have benefits they want. I been a gardener since the 70’.

Tell me about the bad side of producing large quantities at one time?

Vitamins by other manufacturing companies are made to have shelf life. The vitamins lose 40% of nutrient value. They are developed to last three weeks in shipping. People shoot steroids in animals. DNA changed depletes your own DNA. There is a guide that shows what you’re lacking.

How do you feel about our mental health community taking psychotic medications?

When doctors prescribe medicines, they learned little about nutrition and health of cells. When they prescribe things with bad side effects they are looking for quick results. The quick fix is less expensive band aides. I don’t want to put any doctors down. They can’t stop what they are doing and learn new things.

How do you feel about the effects of the medications?

The medications leave you dependent on them and the withdrawal from the drugs cause other reactions. People need a balance. Jim discovered their genes can be silenced to help reduce side effects of psychotic drugs.  We are creating better solutions. There are test you can take to see how your body is lacking in certain vitamins. Our vitamins help to supplement deficiencies. Vitamin c is the most important. Humans can’t produce vitamin c by themselves.

How can we find your vitamins?

You can go to

Bouchard, Bob. Interview by Swiyyah Woodard. Should the mentally ill take medication. By Swiyyah Woodard. Florida: 2017. Print.



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