“I didn’t mean to commit suicide”

A lot of people who end up in a mental institution did not mean to commit suicide. I was baker acted six times and each time I was told I was a danger to myself but I didn’t try to commit suicide. I was observant to the young women in the hospital who had their nails perfectly manicured and their hair done. One person told me she was distraught because her boyfriend was moving away without her and she woke up with her wrist slit. She hadn’t even realized she did that. And then there was one guy who kept popping pills to calm him self down from getting into a fight and then he later collapsed. And then there was one girl who overdosed on pills because she was unable to sleep and thought that taking more meds than prescribed would help her. When I lost my mind I was drinking wine and taking pills but something told me to keep drinking water and I did and I think that’s what saved me. I wonder how many celebrities like Marilyn Monroe died but really didn’t have the intention to commit suicide.

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