How to overcome mental illness


How to overcome mental illness?

by mental health expert and Award-winning author Swiyyah Woodard
Can a person overcome mental illness?
For some it’s a slow process and others a quick recovery, some calling it a miracle. For me it has been a constant struggle for 14 years following a victory.

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Inspirational book

I had a troubling child hood. I was born in the projects and my father left when I was three.  My brother molested me at the age of five.  I attempted suicide at the age of eight. My step dad physically abused me. The abuse was so severe; God blocked it from my memory. The brother that molested me committed suicide at the age of only 23 and my lungs collapsed twice. With all of the stress and the drama, I broke down and was hospitalized 6 times with a misdiagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. During the hospitalization I was crying deeply. I remember riding in my fiancés car and out of nowhere it felt like someone was controlling my thoughts and I heard, “Forgive yourself.” I knew this came from a higher power. I remember being told to take baby steps and then five years later I heard a millionaire say it on television and I almost fell out of my chair.

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Can the disabled own their own company? Inspirational speaker

By inspirational speaker, Swiyyah Woodard.   Can those with a disability be successful in business? Sure they can. I want to inspire you to become a business owner.  People with disabilities own more companies than people without disabilities.  The secret is to find something you love to do, something that you can do for free. Start off by volunteering. There’s a such thing as positive stress and negative stress. Negative stress is what happens when you work a stressful 9 to 5 job.Continue reading

Sometimes we put too much on ourselves

People say God wouldn’t put more on you than you can bare but sometimes we can put too much on ourselves.  When I got my BA in Psychology I thought I knew it all.  I would listen to family members problems and I thought I knew how to solve them.  I would then become stressed out and sick.  Sometimes you have to know your role and stick with what you’re an expert in.  My hope is to inspire you to live a happy and productive life.  My books are inspirational and will teach you coping and life skills.

You’ll Never Make it as a best-seller

A friend on facebook told me that I would never make it as a best-seller.  I asked him why and he told me that it was too much information for him to type.  I didn’t contact him after that.  Yes it is difficult to become a best-seller but it isn’t impossible. You have to start building a fan base.  Give away free samples of your work in exchange for an email.  Build up your contact list.  Go to book clubs on facebook and ask book lovers to request you as a friend to receive a free ebook.  Do a free day on Amazon for your book and make sure your book isn’t priced higher than 5.00 if you are a new author.  I can go on and on. But what I do want to say is I am currently building my fan base.  This does not happen over night.  Learn more about promoting your book.  Visit my fiverr page at  I would love to share more strategies with you, so as I learn I will teach you.  Make sure you keep visiting my blog.  Much love.

“I didn’t mean to commit suicide”

A lot of people who end up in a mental institution did not mean to commit suicide. I was baker acted six times and each time I was told I was a danger to myself but I didn’t try to commit suicide. I was observant to the young women in the hospital who had their nails perfectly manicured and their hair done. One person told me she was distraught because her boyfriend was moving away without her and she woke up with her wrist slit. She hadn’t even realized she did that. And then there was one guy who kept popping pills to calm him self down from getting into a fight and then he later collapsed. And then there was one girl who overdosed on pills because she was unable to sleep and thought that taking more meds than prescribed would help her. When I lost my mind I was drinking wine and taking pills but something told me to keep drinking water and I did and I think that’s what saved me. I wonder how many celebrities like Marilyn Monroe died but really didn’t have the intention to commit suicide.

Medication Debate: Take Meds or Not; Dr. Sebi Verses Medication

Dr. Sebi cures diseases

Dr. Sebi cures diseases

One of the medications that I take has a side effect of “death for the elderly.” Yes medication does help me tremendously but I wish I did not have to take them. I had a problem sleeping through out the night and I was prescribed a medication to help me sleep. The medication was so strong that once I fell asleep it was impossible to wake me up before 11am. If there were a fire I would have burnt in it. My husband referred me to Dr. Sebi and I started taking natural herbs called Banju. I was suppose to take a tablespoon in the morning and night but I was taking it wrong, only once per day. Even though I was taking it wrong it was so strong that even a year after I stopped taking it, I was still able to sleep at night without waking up through out the night. So is there a safe product out there that schizophrenics can take without side effects? Possibly but I advice anyone that take medication and want to stop the medication to only do so with a doctors consent.

Jesus is the Son of God

Chapter 7 of Swiyyah’s book, “Don’t Call Me Crazy! I’m Just in Love.” While continuing to stare at the television set, Anika sees a vision of Jesus. He appears to her in just as perfect form and image as the paintings on Mary’s wall. She then hears Jesus speak, “I am the son of God.” Then just as fast as he appears, he leaves her vision.
“Did you see him? Did you see Jesus?” Anika turns and looks at her friends. Words are stuck within their throats.
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